Some services and products are so universally appealing that they practically sell themselves – like the newest iPhone, or a toy that allows you to fidget- in one place- for hours. These type of products and services seem to be everywhere, and everybody wants them!

But, not all products or services have it so easy.

Some things are kind of hard to sell – simply because communicating why that product or service is so valuable takes extra thought.

This is why having a truly captivating sales page can be vitally important. 

Your sales page has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders – it has to keep your audience’s attention, educate them, AND, most importantly, it has to convince them to part with their money.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most steal-worthy sales pages and why you might want to copy their strategy:

1) Strikingly

One of our favorite sales pages out there right now belongs to Strikingly. They have a captivating headline that speaks directly to the pain point of their ideal customer- designing a website on their own that looks beautiful, even without code. Their sales page is vibrant and attractive, making the reader want to read more. They offer social proof in the second section that validates the premise that you can have beautiful sales pages without knowing code.


2) Basecamp


The guys over at Basecamp have been around for a while, they know what works and what doesn’t. It seems that they have learned that speaking directly to the stressed out business owner or manager that needs to better control his time on their landing page is what works best- and we agree.

Not only are they laser targeting their ideal client, they also offer social proof right away, by just showing you the sheer volume of customers they serve on the daily basis. Plus, they make it easy and enticing to sign up for their service for free for 30 days. Well-played Basecamp. You covered all the bases.

3) 1password (sign-up page)

Another fantastic landing page belongs to The company’s signup page has everything you’d want in a landing page that’s designed to boost conversion rates. It is specific, speaks to both types of their idea customer (business and individual) and it includes specific calls to action that entice the reader to become a paying customer.


4) New Relic 

We like New Relic because they boldy embrace showcasing their customer’s brands right up front, as their social proof. Really, if you have a client as big as MLB, why not? While this might seem brazen, it actually builds trust and interest quickly. It is worth doing if you have a noteworthy client. It certainly captured our attention!

5) Segment

We like Segment because their call-to-action is presented in the first headline. Their landing page tells you exactly what problem they can solve for you. And the sub headline just adds to that appeal. Being direct yet, simple with a product or service that can deliver real results is a winning strategy.

6) Kayako 

The last landing page that we will talk belongs to Kayako. While the top of their landing page has many of the other elements that we have listed as qualities we liked in the above pages, we specifically like Kayako because they put their content right on the landing page. Content truly belongs everywhere these days, and Kayako not only produces outstanding content, they don’t make you search for it!

All of these landing pages and companies should offer some inspiration for how to design your next landing page in a way that gets amazing results.