Consulting Services

Effective Business Consulting minus the time-wastey parts.

What makes me different is my ability to uncover the underlying needs and motivations of customers and translate those insights into better ideas.

  • Tangible ideas.
  • Transformative ideas.
  • Ideas that inspire

All In:

I love what I do and I share my passion, time and enthusiasm openly.

Enduring Bonds:

We partner side-by-side, especially when the right path is the riskier one.
Together, we will find success and growth for your company using authenticity, connection and humor.

As a Business Consultant I am fearlessly human:

I’m just “corporate” enough. I think outside the box. I will throw away traditional “rules” and color outside the lines, so that we can find the most dynamic, creative ideas, the strategy and tactics that line up with your values and the most amazing, goal-achieving results.

Plan, then do

Strategy before tactics. Seems simple enough, yet most businesses are so busy putting out fires, they never take the time to truly assess what the company needs from a strategic perspective. My consultative approach focuses on high-level strategy first. When you do this first, you can implement data-driven research to drive tactics that will increase sales, generate leads, grow revenue, and build brand authority.



I will work with you to articulate your captivating, unique and specific message, in your marketing, media relations, client and internal communications. We will create the right foundation so you know the right way to say it and can be certain it will be received the right way, by the right people. I will help you successfully and smoothly navigate complex communications challenges.


  • Leadership Communications
  • Change Communications
  • Client Communications
  • Social Media Policies
  • Marketing Communications
  • Media Communications


You can’t be remarkable without being remembered. I believe in brand awareness and company visibility. That is only achieved when it is backed by an integrated, complete and cohesive marketing strategy that leaves no target “stone”, unturned. I help brands and companies differentiate themselves in the crowded, noisy, “me-too” marketplace.


  • Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Email Strategy
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Metrics & Key Performance Indicators
  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Product Launch Strategy


I will collaborate with you to craft messaging and visuals that highlight the unique value you bring to your customers—and the characteristics that make your company different. My approach is a careful blend of insights, business goals, internal culture, and competitive landscape.


  • Increase Brand Relevance
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Competitor Research
  • Client Experience Model

Companies Worked With

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