We all know that big mistakes that you can make your company’s social media platforms, posting a bad link. publishing something with grammatical errors, or offending someone with one of our sense of humor or one of our comments.

But what we’re not doing on our social media platforms can massively hurt our just as much.

For many companies and brands, being able to have one-on-one conversations with our audience is both exciting—and terrifying.

I believe this is why so many brands spend hours creating really great content, publishing it at the perfect times, and then, do very little.

Remember the purpose of social media is to be SOCIAL.
So, to make assist you in engaging your audience in a meaningful, two-way conversation, here are the four biggest mistakes I see brands making when it comes to what they’re not doing—and how to fix them.

  1. If Someone Posts to Your Company, Like It

This means if you get a post on your Facebook wall, a mention in a tweet, or a tag on Instagram, you like it or favorite it. Think of this as a virtual high-five.
If one of your followers takes the time to connect with your company, it is always s a good idea to acknowledge it.

If your social media community consistently tries to engage with your company, but you consistently ignore their feedback, they’re going to stop being giving it—and you’re going to lose the opportunity to turn them into loyal raving fans. (And customers)

  1. If Someone Asks a Question on Your Social Platform, Answer It

I understand that it can feel intimidating to answer a follower’s question publicly— without a meeting to craft the perfect response – and still be as charming, brilliant, helpful and grammatically correct, which is why we sometimes don’t respond at all.

But, you have to respond. Yes, you have to.

Again, if a follower took the time to reach out and ask you a question about your brand and you ignored it, you run the risk of offending them, or worse, making them think you simply don’t care.

It’s bad customer service.

And worse, because it’s happening on your public platforms, your entire community will see your silence and everything it implies.

(If you’re really not sure what to say, try responding by asking the person to email or call you, and you can take the conversation offline and have some time to think of the perfect, charming, brilliant response.)

  1. If Someone Shares Your Content, Say Something Nice

The whole point of social media is to build relationships. So if they engage with you, if they honor you by sharing the content you worked hard to create, thank them.

If someone shares your recent blog post, on Twitter, tweet her back to say thank you. You could even ask her for feedback or thoughts about the article.  to send

  1. If Someone Leaves You a Review Respond to It (Good or Bad)

ReviewTrackers found that 52% of customers expect to hear back from brands within 7 days of writing an online review, particularly one that’s negative or critical. 1 in 4 customers are more demanding, expecting a review response within 3 days. Take this to heart, even if a customer is upset enough to write a review, they are offering you a chance to make it right.
Remember this is public, how you handle it (or don’t handle it) will make all the difference.

I know, often the simplest things are the hardest to master. But, engaging with your growing community in an authentic way—while navigating their various questions and occasional snarky comments—can feel overwhelming. But it’s worth it. Do this consistently and you’ll see an increase in the number of likes, shares, and general engagement, which is the whole point of social media for your business, anyway, right?